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2019 Shelton Family Reunion

Spring Hill, MS -- AUG. 2-4

50th  Annual Family Reunion

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AMIEE Sheltonwas born in April 20, 1823 and died March 26, 1894.    She was the daughter of James Shelton (slaveowner) of Sanford, North Carolina whose  family ties are rooted in Norfolk, England dating back to the 1400's.   Evenually, Aimee settled in Spring Hill, with her  2 sons -- Miles and George Shelton and a daughter Ellen.  

 Miles (1857-1937) married Mary Harrison (1867-1944) and they had twelve   children—6 boys and 6 girls :  

1) Jim  died young and never married 2) Charlie “Pink” married Mary Ella Baines.  They had two children – Early and Ervin.  Early’s son Charles Shelton was pastor at Spring Hill church       from 2000-2012.    Les married Dolly “Sweet” Baines who was sister to Mary Ella.  They had four children – Ernest, Annabel, Mitchell, and Mary B. who died in a fire in 1925 at a very young age.  4) Reuben married Delilah Roberts “Dee” and they had eight children -- Calvert, Eunice, Willie Bell, Sedathan (Sonny), R.A., Earl Wilson, Eric C., and C.W.  5)  Fitchel Lee “Capp” married Ollie Trotter  and they also had eight children – Leroy, Euna Mae, Hank, Mamie, Fitchel Lee, Jr., Geneva, Jeanette, and “Baby Ray”.  6)  Miles, Jr. “Son”, who was the baby boy, married Cornelia and they had one son named Thomas.  Cornelia later died of tuberculosis and Miles was remarried to Sally Roberts and they had Winston, Llyod, Billy, and Marjorie.  7)  Lola married Johnny Rutledge and they had four children – JoElla, Miles, Johnny, Jr., and  Earlene.  She was later remarried to Rapheal Parker and they had two children, Hubert and Benson.  8)  Mamie married Sylvester Townsend and they had 3 children – Dewey, Glynn, and Argua.  9)  Charity married John Henry McCuiston and they had four children – Rapheal, Kermit, Charlene, and George.  10)  JoElla “Duck” married  a Quinn and they had nine children and resided in Grenada.  Their children were Ballard, Ruby Lee, Don Allen, Myrtis, Gladys, Lorene, Verna, Fred Arnold, and Tom.  11)  Emma married George Wesley and they lived in Memphis, TN.  Their children were Ruby Lee, Bernice, George Ward, Eunice Marie, and Bishop.  12)  Azaline married Fred Hobbs and they had two children – Flyod Neal and Florene “Baby Sis”. Azaline later remarried a Connelly

George (Oct 15, 1863 - Mar 10,1935), Mile’s younger brother , married Martha Peeples (Sep 24, 1870 – Sep 14, 1937) and they had twelve children also:

 George/Martha grave site at Spring Hill

7 boys and 5 girls.  1)  Ulysses died at a young age 2)  John Wesley (Johnnie) married Suzanne Harrison and they had twelve children—7 girls and 5 boys.  The girls were Maggie who died at an early age, Anne “Sang”, Amy, Hallie, Lillie “Dee” , Mary, and Hazel.  The boys were Richard “Son ”, John Wesley who died at 3 months, Howard who died at 9 years of pneumonia, Luther, and Lawrence “Boy”.  3)  Sherman married Georgia Norwood and they had six children—Sam, Octavia, Kerrie, Estelle, Thomas, and Georgia Mae also known as “Totchy”.  4)  George married Ida from the Delta and they had one son, Archie.  5)  Jim Lincoln “Tainch” married Betsy Chambers and they had Bob, James Otis “Man Boy”, A.C., Audrey Lee, and Debbie.  6)  Garfield married Fairy Ratliff and they had one daughter, Earthy.  7)  Oscar married Willie B. Aldridge and they had two children – Thelma and Howard.  8)  Lillian married a McCuiston.  They had five children – Booker, Frank, Fred, Cleo, and Ruth.  It should be noted that the McCuistons spelled their name in three different ways.  9)  Mattie “Sis” married John Harvey and they had several children.  10) Minnie married Pleas Purnell and they had nine children – Govenor, Earl, Theodore, Manual, Nellie, Ruby, Vernon, Lettie, and Inetha.  11)  Celeste married Lee Alfred Trotter.  They raised O.P. Trotter.  12)  Arizona married a Pittman.  They had two children – Earlean and Carlean.


If anyone has a photo of George and Martha, send me a scan of it. If you see mistakes, untrue statements, or misspellings, email me so we can get it right. Dates, dates, dates are also needed.   I am gathering most of this info by word of mouth.  There are many gaps that need to be filled in; ask your grandparents or parents.